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Basic Keelboat (ASA 101)

Elements of a sailboat:

backstay. A stay (usually cable or pole) that works from near or at the top
associated with mast toward stern regarding the boat; as with: Your backstay is apparently tensioned correctly. boom. A spar that aids the root of the mainsail; such as: The reef lines and outhaul could be given through boom. See figure number 1.
bow. The forward part of a motorboat also referred to as 'the pointy end'; as with: go right to the bow to drop the anchor. bow pulpit. Guardrail and assistance within bow for the lifelines; as in: The lifelines affix to the bow pulpit with special fittings.
cabin. A-room in a vessel; as with: Time to decrease to my cabin. deck. The area covering the hull of a boat; as with: Standing on deck is a great way to get some sunshine.

Boat at dock showing docking lines.Figure number 1

gooseneck. The fitting that connects the growth toward mast; such as: the underside ahead spot for the mainsail (referred to as 'tack') is attached near to the gooseneck. Additionally illustrated are the mast plus the boom.

Also called forestay, a cable that operates from the bow to your upper an element of the mast; as with: Our headsail connects towards headstay. See figure #5.
hull. The underbody of a ship; as with: This hull is solid fiberglass. See figure #5.
jib. A foresail (headsail) that meets in the foretriangle (the clew cannot expand beyond the mast); like in: As we approach our anchorage we're going to furl the jib. See figure #5.
keel.Modern self-tailing winch with handle. an expansion for the hull that goes deeper in to the liquid and provides stability from heel and sideways resistance to wind; like in: A well designed keel provides raise to windward. See figure #5. lifeline. A wire or cable that operates over the not in the deck sustained by stanchions to aid restrain passengers; like in: All lifelines ought to be checked usually for deterioration, loose fixtures, and fish hooks (steel barbs).
mainsail. The key sail of a ship, usually the largest sail and lifted on mainmast; as in: making the anchorage the initial sail we ready is the mainsail. See figures no. 1 and #5. mast. A pole made of timber, aluminum, or carbon dietary fiber where a sail is scheduled; as in: The mast on most boats have actually remains to hold all of them upright.Sailboat showing names of sails, hull, keel, rudder, bow, stern, forestay, backstay, battens, head, tack, clew, base, luff, and leech. See numbers # 1 and #5. shroud. A wire or cable holding up the mast athwartships (sideways); like in: Each shroud on this boat is manufactured out of stainless cable. spreader. A horizontal help when it comes to stays that sticks out from the mast; as in: The spreader keeps the shroud out which advances the energy associated with the rig. stern. The aftermost section of a vessel; like in: While underway we might tow the dinghy from the stern. See figure #5.
traveler. An athwartships (sideways) track upon which is mounted a block when it comes to mainsheet hence enabling sideways modification; as in: falling the tourist to leeward is certainly one way to lower weather helm.

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