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Within the constant quest to produce the world’s most readily useful waves, wakes and ride, Centurion Boats features implemented the Vacuum Infusion Processes (VIP) to all or any towboat model production. The Centurion Leadership Team has implemented the exceptional artistry of VIP because it creates more powerful, much more consistent, and environmentally friendly boats.

A top level of artistry is a cornerstone of Centurion’s mission, and with the Vacuum Infusion Processes, Centurion will continue to create exceptional water-based activities towboats. Each infused part including hulls, floors, RAMFILL tank lids, and tens of small parts receive an exact amount of resin and fiberglass to create a predictable weight. The particular cup to resin proportion under closely supervised machine eliminates atmosphere voids when you look at the laminate and thereby any poor places in the construction regarding the boat. This accurate procedure ensures powerful quality components, incorporating another layer of inspired design to a currently excellent watercraft.

Take to the water with certainty understanding your watercraft is created with the environment at heart. VIP is a shut mildew process, meaning the resin is healed in a closed environment, and emissions tend to be paid off by as much as 90 per cent. Through the Vacuum Infusion Process, Centurion creates less waste, employees can perhaps work more comfortably, and less emissions tend to be circulated to the environment. Everybody else wins.

Whenever inquired about the profits on return for VIP Paul Singer, President of Centurion & Supreme Boats, reacted this way. “While VIP calls for greater product expenses, a little longer cycle times and more preliminary preparation, we believe the improved high quality and consistency, with the ecological benefits, overshadow the excess resources needed.” Singer carried on, “I am stoked up about the beneficial effect this brand new process is already bringing to the boats, our workers additionally the environment.”

The Vacuum Infusion Process is regarded as many shut mildew processes. It distinguishes it self due to the fact only process to work with just atmospheric stress to press the resin into the mildew cavity. The procedure is very controllable, as a result of it becoming governed because of the principles of D’Arcy’s Law. Which means you can find just three factors affecting the circulation associated with the resin: (1) permeability associated with laminate, (2) viscosity associated with resin, and (3) force differential inside hole concerning atmospheric stress.

VIP provides an even of energy that's desirable in other companies besides. A major supplier of commercial and defense aerostructures made use of VIP to build up demonstration wing stiffeners. The eventual goal is by using it to make entire wing structures. VIP can also be regularly effectively manufacture strong rotor blades for wind mills.

Visit the local Centurion Boats Dealer to have the whole world’s most readily useful Wakes, Waves and Ride. If you are interested in seeing the Vacuum Infusion Process doing his thing, see Centurion Boats for a factory trip.

About Centurion Boats: Centurion ships are rigorously innovated World Championship water sports vessels of principal performance, bold design and inspired artistry attained through experienced stability. Leading water sports towboat industry in innovation and gratification since 1976, Centurion Boats ended up being the first to introduce a wake surfing specific towboat and World Championship occasion considering this sport. Centurion will continue to take over water sports with this particular thorough development. For more information on Centurion Boats and its particular full product line, see

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 91 many years of superiority in marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based organization with international operations. The right Craft family members includes Centurion, Nautique, Supreme, Bass Cat and Yar-Craft motorboat businesses, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. To find out more please visit

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