Outboard jon boat / center

Center console for Jon boats

*Thrust recommended for best performance in strong problems (strong wind, waves, an such like) also to ensure much longer run-times.

Fisherman with specially outfitted bass boats tend to select large 70 to 100 lbs thrust motors. These bigger engines can move heavier bass boats, and their particular 24 and 36 volt battery pack systems offer extended runtimes for all-day and tournament fishing.

Boat body weight (lbs)

1, 500

2, 000

2, 500 3, 000 3, 500 4, 000 4, 500 5, 000
Boat Length Sub 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' 19' 20' 20'+
Minimal Thrust 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Efficiency Thrust* 60 100+
Motor Current 12v 24v 36v

*Thrust recommended for most readily useful performance in strong conditions (powerful wind, waves, etc) and also to ensure longer run-times.

We would want to earn your business. Go ahead and give us a call with any questions at 800-472-3509 and then we'll walk out our option to make sure you have a good shopping knowledge.

Fisherman with especially outfitted bay ships tend to select medium 70 to 80 pounds pushed engines and often with i-Pilot/GPS control. These engines are great in modest breezes and moving currents.

1, 000

1, 500 2, 000
Boat Length 14-16' 17' 21' 22'+
Minimum Thrust 55 112
Performance Thrust* 50 80 112 112
Engine Voltage 12v 12/24v 24/36v 36v

Multi-use pontoon and runabout watercraft owners will select 40 to 70 lbs of push, with regards to the motorboat's weight. For details on certain engines, it is possible to browse our top pontoon and runabout trolling motor guidelines.

Sub 14' 15-16' 20' 21' 21'+
40 50 80 90 100
40 100+
12v 24v 36v

Motors into the 45 to 70 lbs pushed range are popular with flats ships proprietors. As flats ships are lighter, they do not require a significant amount of energy. Furthermore, flats usually are reasonably calm and don't require a beefy engine to fight strong waves and currents. For information on specific engines, it is possible to search our top flat boats trolling engine suggestions.


Sub 13' 13' 14' 15' 16' 18-19' 20'+
45 55 65 75
Motor Voltage 12v 36v

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