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Johnson Marine engines

Concerning the Johnson business:
The Johnson motor started using it's name from four Terre Haute, Indiana, brothers, Lou, Harry, Julius and Clarence. They built a little inboard marine motor to power their rowboat up the Wabash River with their favorite walnut gathering place. They even constructed a 2-cycle plane motor which allowed all of them which will make The united states's very first monoplane trip.

a violent storm destroyed the plane and associated motor shop in 1913. Throughout the next four years, they pieced collectively the sources to being producing little 2-cycle motors to power an airplane prop and press a motorboat and also tried it on a bicycle. Things moved instead well until Henry Ford began selling Model T vehicles and Johnson engine needed to find another way to offer off those small motors.

In 1921, Lou enlisted aid from a college student and started a drafting design for new motor. Real creation of this Johnson design A began in December, 1921. Good suggestions spread and 7, 000 of engines visited customers in 1923.

Johnson was the first to introduce the heavy outboard engine in 1926. It lifted light planes up on an airplane at 16 plus kilometers each hour plus some 4-5 knots quicker than most thought an outboard ended up being effective at. There have been concerning the only company available a very quick motor from belated 1925 to 1926 and built a's finest outboard manufacturing unit on some land on Lake Michigan's shoreline.

Throughout 1929 Johnson manufacturing research prospered. Then came the stock market crash in October of 1929 and stocks of ships and engines had been stockpiled.

In 1932, Johnson declared personal bankruptcy and got into the fridge compressor company. However, in 1933-34, Johnson entered into a deal with Sears-Roebuck to present Sears with machines, that has been canceled rapidly.

In 1935, Steve Briggs and Ralph Evinrude purchased a major portion of the Johnson Motor business. Within twelve months after obtaining Johnson, the latest corporation ended up being known as the Outboard aquatic and Manufacturing Corporation (OMC), covering Elto, Evinrude and Johnson.

In March of 2001 the outboard assets of OMC, namely Johnson and Evinrude, were sold to Bombardier of Canada. Bombardier claims it will probably deliver the companies back again to their particular former glory. Bombardier additionally manufacturers Sea Doo watercraft, Lear jets, locomotives, and recreational cars.

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