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Barr Marine Exhaust Manifolds

Through the operation of any marine engine-gas or diesel-exhaust gases are produced and must certanly be taken off the engine and conducted beyond your boat. While there's two fundamental fatigue methods, damp and dry, the wet system may be the one many oſten present in pleasure ships as well as numerous work boats. This technique mixes the fatigue fumes with engine-cooling water after which discharges them through the transom of ship via an exhaust line.
Exhaust Manifold
Connected to the motor is a fatigue manifold having its exhaust inlets matching the fatigue outlet harbors of this motor.
Circulating cooling water through the water-jacket surrounding the exhaust gas chamber cools this manifold.

Exhaust Connector
On exhaust end associated with the manifold is an exhaust connector. This connector is an intermediary between your manifold and an exhaust hose or pipeline. Tis connector in addition mixes the exhaust gases with water to help cool the fumes, therefore runs as a means for directing the gas and water outflows to ensure a connection is made between your manifold together with fatigue tubing. Specific attention needs to be paid to the general
level difference between the center line of the exhaust end of center type of the transom overboard exhaust fitting, the exhaust connector
can an be exhaust dump or drop of a convenient position. In those instances in which the manifold isn't appreciably above or is underneath the overboard fitting, an exhaust riser is used. By design, the riser acts as a dam to help keep both exhaust-cooling liquid and seawater from back flooding into th motor and destroying it.

From an engineering view, probably the most critical design requirement for exhaust methods should reduce backpressure from the engine to a minimum. Backpressure is the stress that builds up into the exhaust manifold engine exhaust outlets. The lower the stress into the fatigue, the more efficient the procedure of this engine. Minimal backpressure is attained by designing exhaust passages to attenuate opposition on flow of
gases also to prove for an uniform gasoline flow from all cylinders. Barr manifolds and exhaust connectors are created to lessen backpressure. Quite often, aſter changing an OEM manifold with Barr replacement parts, even more r.p.m.’s are achieved.

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