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Marine Exhaust gaskets

Fel-Pro® Marine intake manifold gaskets were created without a metal core, to allow the gasket to be cut for precise fit on changed harbors. Printoseal® elastomeric sealing beads are acclimatized to provide the extra sealing power required round the ports. The gaskets also have an anti-stick layer to boost micro-sealing, make gasket treatment and cleanup much easier and give a wide berth to harm from intake manifold and cylinder head motion.

Fel-Pro aquatic exhaust manifold gaskets use a perforated core made of 400 Series stainless to resist rust and corrosion. They even function high-temperature fibre dealing with material on both edges associated with the core to prevent exhaust burnout, and unique anti-stick coating to give improved micro-sealing.

Special marine exhaust manifold cooling units can also be found. These units have all of the required gaskets to rebuild the water-cooled fatigue manifold, exhaust shoulder, and exhaust riser on a marine motor.

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