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Marine Exhaust Tips

BORLA® dives into the high-performance marine fatigue market with all the introduction of an all new set of fully-polished race mufflers, role# 400262.

Collaborating with world-renowned Boostpower USA Marine of Newbury Park, CA, BORLA® includes its complex XR-1® Multicore race technology to produce a couple of polished metal muffler/exhaust tips for powerful power ships with around 1200 BHP. Boostpower’s president, Alexi Sahagian, has been doing substantial assessment with spectacular results, showing the maximized horsepower and flow needed by large cubic inch marine engines. His test outcomes in addition revealed a 22-12 decibel decrease through rpm range with the average -22db at idle, -14db at 3500rpm and -12db at 5800rpm (as tested on a Boostpower 675hp motor and 900sci motor - outcomes can vary). Maintaining energy while managing noise. Only what’s been needed.

BORLA’s brand-new marine muffler is made from high-grade 300 show austenitic polished stainless with much task ¾” base flange tapped for 3/8” metal men with a polished mounting inner band. Our RD outcomes show T-316 stainless to be the essential durable product for this application. In fact, we are the actual only real manufacture offering this exceptional material.

The muffler recommendations are special for the reason that they each have a 5” step up outlet on a regular 4” installation for maximum flow without re-cutting your transom. The 12” lengthy component is a breakthrough for bigger displacement supercharged marine engines.

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