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bdo-shipyard-veliaA guide to creating a Fishing Boat and add-ons in Ebony Desert Online. Special because of Xyrus Mithra of Orwen for some recommendations regarding ship building.

Establishing a Shipyard

Unlike various other crafting methods in Ebony Desert on line, you don't need in order to complete gathering all of the products required prior to starting building a ship. Therefore it is important you setup a shipyard very first to have your employees start building while you gather materials. This might cut down on a huge amount of time since it usually takes a little while for the shipyard to finish making a ship.

Level 1 Shipyards

You'll setup Tier 1 Shipyards in Velia, Heidel and Calpheon. These tier 1 shipyards can just only make rafts/ferry and it is usually perhaps not well worth building all of them since any level 2 shipyard can develop the exact same items that Tier 1 shipyards can build. In the event that you absolutely don't have any programs for a fishing boat and simply desire a ferry to-drive around and explore, Tier 1 shipyard is going to do alright.

bdo-shipyard-heidelShipyards aren't some thing you'll simply setup by themselves. You need to spend your share things in the previous structures to spend money on the shipyard. The lowest priced contribution wise appears to be Velia as you only need 8 Contribution Things to get a shipyard running while Heidel and Calpheon both calls for 11. Discover where in fact the shipyards are in each city, utilize the top right place to filter for Shipyard whenever overlooking all houses in a city. That which you make use of the previous homes for does not actually matter assuming you don’t pick they will be storage automatically.


Building a Tier 1 Shipyard takes 2.5 hours and 5000 gold.

Level 2 Shipyards

Level 2 shipyards can be found in Epheria Port and Iliya Island. Epheria Port is all the way at the extremely west end associated with the playable landmass but it is connected by-land and certainly will be achieved with a horse (with some carrots). Iliya Island is a lone island north of Velia and get there you ought to take a NPC ferry which comes around every 10 minutes because of the Velia docks (marked with a ship symbol on chart). Tier 2 shipyards are needed for Fishing Boats.

It just costs 7 share Things to get shipyard create in in Iliya Island in place of 11 Contribution Things in Epheria Port. However, there are numerous drawbacks such as for example restricted lodging for the workers and it is usually a pain to using to wait for the NPC ferry to hold you across. Therefore, my favored location is Epheria Port since is is simpler to get into and you will find lots of houses you need to use for accommodation to increase the shipbuilding process. Moreover, if you should be creating a fishing vessel, you almost certainly have actually workers on Birch Timber and Tin Ores nodes close by and can these workers in the future to support shipbuilding.

Besides the 2.5 hours and 5000 silver necessary for a level 1 shipyard, you also need to invest an additional 25k gold and 7 hr to update a Tier 1 shipyard to a level 2.

Additional Housing

According to your setup, you may want to invest into some extra buildings alongside your shipyard.

bdo-epheria-port-location bdo-tier-2-shipyards-iliya-island bdo-tier-2-shipyards-epheria-port bdo-tier-2-shipyards-upgrade-cost

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