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High Performance Boat Engines

The World’s best and Fastest Engines
Sterling Performance machines would be the world’s finest, fastest and a lot of trustworthy machines available for purchase. Whether you are competing in a sanctioned overseas competition, taking part in a poker run, or just taking pleasure in your powerboat regarding the available water, a Sterling system will work for you. We're happy with our reputation and are also invested in consistently build the best possible engines on the market.

There’s reasons why our engine consumers winnings a lot of events, championships, and put so many globe speed records, which’s because we interact with this clients, using our expertise and facilities to provide reliable engine plans made to satisfy or go beyond your expectations.

Sterling Performance may be the leader in powerful Engines with numerous World Championships while the finest Official World Record Kilo Speed – 202.9 miles per hour!

We machines ranging from 600 hp to 1700 hp; made for Pleasure Boats, Poker Runs, and all Championship Competition Race Classes.

Our customer’s enjoy the financial investment we’ve designed to provide all of them a Custom Fabrication Machine store, Dynamometer providers, and Onsite Testing of most innovations to EPA and CARB specs. Testing and verification is completed really by our own expert staff in our 34, 000 sq. ft. services utilizing our own developing Dynamometer Test Cells and Accredited Test Laboratory.

Whether you’re searching for a naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged, or fuel injected motor, or just don’t know for sure, we can assist provide the right motor setup to meet your needs and objectives. We pride ourselves on our reputation the motors we build make our marketed horse power, and do so reliably.

So what does everything mean? Trustworthy, effective motors – built right. For all those requiring a competitor motor rebuilt and done right, not a problem. We happily rebuild machines, including Mercury, and deliver all of them up to our requirements – making all of them Sterling – to help you enjoy.

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