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What exactly is my old outboard engine well worth?

This is actually the number 1 concern we have been asked. Here's the brief response: not as much as you thought. Most likely not alot more, anyway.

Today the lengthy response. We are perhaps not attempting to be cruel here, just honest. Grandpa's "old fishin' companion" might provide you with warm fuzzy thoughts, however the guy that's considering buying it from you might have leads on several engines similar to yours to select from. Old outboards were "also helpful to just discard" and little adequate which they got stashed in most forms of places. Thus, individuals keep finding them and placing them on the market. The ready supply keeps prices reasonable.

When someone presses a classic outboard into regular use, eventually anythingwill need correcting. These days, most fix stores wont also look at everything over two decades old. They most likely currently have a few old engines stashed in the back, motors that were remaining by their particular proprietors with regards to turned-out it might simply take countless bucks in components getting all of them running once again. These abandoned motors hit the market, too. Individuals who understand this difficulty in enabling old motors fixed timid away from purchasing such relics for regular use, particularly if prices try to be on par with merchandise that's more modern.

So then that is buying the old outboards? And others, collectors. Enthusiasts will restore old engines, frequently to running problem, fashioning some replacement parts yourself. They're going to touch-up the paint to replace all of them to showroom problem. It is a procedure that no sane person would undertake in order to have a motor that runs, when modern-day engines can easily be bought for that use. It's a labor of love. The painstaking work usually takes months, which would be pricey in today's world of "time is cash". Nobody gets rich rebuilding old motors.

So once more issue, what's it really worth? We currently direct you to definitely the cost guide in second edition of this Old Outboard Book. Once you browse the guide, you may be happily surprised at exactly how certain models (maybe like yours) have actually held their worth. Some uncommon designs go with apparently next to absolutely nothing because no one's enthusiastic about them. Some more plentiful models nonetheless get the better rates because they create more interest. They are in reality the prices where individuals are in a position to regularly obtain these motors, once the price guide was assembled by panels of specialists. When individuals aspire to have more than these costs, they might keep their expect a long time indeed. Couple of people can say which they actually need any particular engine at any certain time. It isn't whatsoever unusual permanently product to sell at costs well below those who work in the cost guide. The guide will nonetheless present little bit of mind that you definitely have not already been ripped off.

It might probably cross the mind that "at that cost, I might too keep it." That is very reasonable, but think about the following: whether or not it's just sitting in storage, it isn't doing any person a bit of good. Better it is where it can be valued. In the event that you simply want a motor for regular use, you may well be better off with one thing more recent and more quickly servicable. A cost/benefit evaluation would point this on right-away. If you opt to undertake the refurbishing yourself, that's great! There's a club for folks who prefer to do just that, you have discovered it, and you will not be sorry you joined up with! If on the other hand, you believe it is not your cup of tea, you won't be sorry if you pass the motor along to a collector. The enthusiast gives that old motor a great house and place some money inside pocket for privledge. That engine will operate forever under a collector's attention, it is possible to wager upon it. Whether you're that enthusiast your self, a return to fame is the greatest tribute you'll offer that engine.

Therefore, besides the guide, what's the best way to determine the worth of the old outboard? If you're waiting on hold to the motor, get in on the Antique Outboard Motor Club and progress to know other folks who possess your exact same outboard. People in AOMCI have a fairly good notion of exactly what offers for exactly how much, and additionally they can point you in direction of a professional in whatever motors spark your interest. If you are attempting to sell the engine, then simply place it on the market plus the market will tell you its worth. We now have offered classified advertisements for your leisure.

How do you get more details about my old outboard?

If you should be finding exactly what 12 months the motor had been made, in what organization, and perhaps some more record concerning the motor, more existing solitary published resource with this information is The Old Outboard Book.

Another great way to obtain info is in proprietors, parts, and fix guides. Such publications can be obtained from sources on the net that are for this AOMCI homepage. We will return to the main topic of guides later inside FAQ.

If you should be truly fascinated by that old kicker, why maintain your interest to yourself? Join the Antique Outboard engine Club and move on to understand other people with your exact same outboard. People in AOMCI can point you toward experts who is able to let you know more info on your engine, and you'll probably have something to share with them about this your self.

Where can I get parts for my old outboard?

It depends on which engine, and which component. Regarding Mercury and Johnson/Evinrude, numerous designs or components thereof originated from the 1950s were carried through in to the '70s, '80s, plus the '90s! Original replacement parts for these designs are in ready offer throughout your local dealer. That's where your quest should begin, despite your engine's make and design. They may understand someone who understands a person...

Do you have a-west Bend or an Elgin? You may not have understood that most Elgin engines were created by western Bend. The tooling for West Bend's outboard line was offered to Chrysler. Chrysler's...

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